Make the old look new with our

Oriental Rug Cleaning Services.

Oriental Rug Cleaning service can make your old, dirty rugs look brand new! Like carpeting, rugs can receive high foot traffic which can eventually lead to worn or faded areas. About once a year, you should rotate your rug to help keep the wear patterns even and to keep one spot from getting more worn than the rest. This way, even if the rug fades from wear, it will still look more even than if you had not rotated it.

Whether it’s cleaning an Oriental rug that is a family heirloom or an area rug in your contemporary family room, you can be assured that American Carpet Cleaning is the company you can trust. Starting at $1.00 a square foot, we make oriental rug cleaning affordable and offer a pickup and delivery service in needed. We can also clean these fine rugs at your home or business for more convenience.

Close up of electrical vacuum cleaner on carpet